Tuesday, November 25, 2008

jammies and a skirt

I remember my mom telling me a story about a little girl she saw when I was about 3 and we were at the Nutcracker. She said this little girl was with her mom, and she was wearing a pretty dress with her shiny shoes. But the part you couldn't help but to notice was her "accessory". This little girl had her Miss Piggy lifejacket on over top of her pretty little dress. My mom remembers thinking, "oh my, who would let their child out of the house wearing that outfit?". Her next thought was, "you know, that lifejacket must be pretty important to that little girl...and who cares? if that's what she wants to wear, let her."

So, last night when I got home from the gym, Brian had Bree's jammies on already. I walked through the door and she had a sad face on. When I asked her what was wrong, she said "I wanna wear a dress." I guess she had been asking to put a dress on, but it was 30 minutes before bedtime and she already had her jammies on. So we argued a few more times back and forth about the dress. Then she said "I wanna wear a skirt." I told her that it was almost bedtime and she wasn't putting a skirt on. Then...I instantly remembered my mom's story. So, in we walked to Bree's room, opened up her dresser, and this is how she spent the night in bed.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Any suggestions?

I am in need of Thanksgiving suggestions. I am going to make some kind of vegetable side. I wanted to maybe make something "different". Please throw out your suggestions to me...I need them!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008



Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pumpkin Night 2008

Halloween. Supposed to be a night of FUN trick-or-treating...little, cute, dressed up kids trampling the neighbors lawns asking for candy while the parents stand back at each driveway thinking, "oh, how cute!"...checking our trick-or-treat bags after each candy deposit to see how much we have now...ya, well, our Halloween was a little different.

First our idea was based around the weather. It rained all day as you fellow Olympian's recall. It did in fact stop in time for the festivities, but it was COLD!! So we decided that we were going to take the girls, (Darrell and Shannon Cowan's little girl, Shaelynn, also our goddaughter, came with us) to the mall and do the "store to store" trick-or-treating. But we found out that they had changed the hours since last year. This year it was 4-6pm...what? it stops at 6pm? Who made that rule? We found this out at about 5:50pm. The next option was to go outside and do the regular door-to-door trick-or-treating...which secretly, is what I REALLY wanted to do (Bree had done the mall thing the past 2 years). So we put long sleeved shirts and tights under the girls costumes and headed out the daycare neighborhood.

And off they went.

We got about 3 or 4 houses into the night and out came a little 8 year old boy wearing a "scary mask", what parent in their right mind would let their child wear these kinds of masks? It absolutley terrified Bree and Shaelynn. The little boy was nice enough though to take his mask off and tell them "look, I'm just a boy, don't be scared." But that didn't make a difference, they were still scared. This is Bree after the "scary boy"

It took some convincing to get her to walk on the sidewalk again.

So, I think next year we will go to an "inside-lit-no-scary-mask-or-scary-skeleton-door" trick-or-treating event.

She did look pretty darn cute though, don't you think??