Monday, October 27, 2008

Charlie's Safari

We found a new, fun place for kids to play. It's great. It's indoors. Even though Sunday was a crisp, sunny 60 was still a little too cold to play outside. This place is like a gigantic playground for kids 10 and under. they ahve a huge bouncy house, a ginormous playground with a bazillion different kinds of slides, and bouncy slides. we took Bree there on Sunday and she ahd a blast. I think it wears the parents out faster than the kids! Okay, yes, I did go on a few of the toys with Bree...but I had to make sure they were safe, right?

Here's Bree making her "castle"

This weekend was full of Halloween fun. My mom came down and finished Bree's Halloween costume. We carved our pumpkins...well, I carved Brian's, he carved Bree's, and I will have to get another pumpkin for myself. I had them all sitting out on the front porch for the past week and when Brian brought them inside last night, mine had already rotted. We are going to the pumpkin patch on Wednesday with Bree's daycare, so I will get another pumpkin then. Bree was not interested in "gutting" pumpkin, she just wanted to "color" the pumpkin. Here are a few pictures from our carving last night.

Breanna is going to be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz for Halloween. "Granny" (my mom) made her costume. I think is the beginning of MANY hand-made Halloween costumes! It turned out so cute! can't wait to see her in it with her red glittery shoes!

Breanna was a big help to her Granny. She made sure the sewing machine wouldn't fall off the table I guess.

Every year Breanna is getting more and more excited for Halloween. Stay tuned for Halloween trick-or-treating pictures!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today, we went to the pumpkin patch with "Aunt Heidi"....or as Bree likes to call her, "my Haadi" The weather turned out perfect, well, it could have been a little warmer, but it was sunny and blue sky, so that's all that mattered. We went to Schilter's Farm off the Nisqually exit. It was really cute the way they had things set up for the kiddies. They had "pumpkin bowling" (bowling with tiny pumpkins), "tractor trek" (riding tiny John Deer tractor bikes around a little track), a petting zoo with goats, a sheep, chickens, a bunny, 2 ponies, a 1-month-old cow named "Elizabeth" (so cute!), and 2 little pigs. Amazingly, Bree wanted to go into each pen and pet the animals. That's actually all she talked about from the time we got there, "I wanna see the aminals" (yes, that IS how she said "animals" I have no idea how she even knew there were animals there, the petting zoo was in the back inside a barn! Smart kid I tell ya! After we picked out our "punkins", we headed to the "aminals" and then it was time to go. It was a great day with "My Haadi" Here are a few pictures from the pumpkin patch.

Monday, October 13, 2008


I need help! For those of you with kids that are potty trained...PLEASE tell me how you did it!! I thought it would be a lot easier than it has been, but I was clearly wrong! I hear everyone say "Oh, she will do it when she's ready" or "it will just happen"...well, please tell me when! I am looking for any advice you can offer. Any tips and/or tricks that you used. I know most of you have boys, but they learn sitting down also, right? I have all the supplies that I thought it would take. What am I missing? Is she just being stubborn? She went twice last week at daycare, but never since then. What am I doing wrong?

Monday, October 6, 2008


I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my 30th birthday with me on Saturday! Those of you who left early (ehem, Suz and Scott...Corrine and Jeremy, well, I guess Corrine had a good reason...Dem and Joel) missed out! We had a great night after El Sarape...we went to Charlie's...WOO HOO! No really, we actually had a great time...Heidi, Andrea, and I danced the night away, while Brian and John stood and watched. Here are a few pics from dinner. check out Heidi's blog soon for our dancing pics! I forgot to take my camera into Charlie's.

And here is a picture of the gag gifts I got from Ang and Andrea

On Sunday, Brian and I went up to my mom's house in Federal Way to pick up Bree and to have a birthday dinner and cake.

It was a great birthday, and thanks again to everyone who made me feel like I was 29 all over again! Love you all!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Can't Believe It!!!

Today my friends, I have some news...

I am regretful to say that...

YES, you guessed it...

I haved entered into a new decade of my life.

I turned 30 years old today!!!!!!!

Be back on Sunday with some pics of the "Big Sha-bang"