Saturday, March 29, 2008

"What the?"

So, this IS March, right? I haven't been put in a time machine and put back into December? Then what the heck is this weather doing? Are we all about ready for summer? or AT LEAST spring? I don't think that is even a question we need to be asking. Come on, do we not deserve a little sun every now and then...for longer than 10 minutes please! It has been snowing here off and on all week...not really sticking to the ground, but snow is snow. If it is snowing, you know that the temperature is at least "freezing". And in the end of March, that is not acceptable as far as I am concerned. I know a lot of you "like the snow"...or "like the cold weather"...but seriously, aren't you ready for warmer weather, at least a little bit?

Well, since we really couldn't do anything outside this weekend...I decided to be a little "Martha Stewart" and do some "crock-potting"...I love using the crock pot because then you have dinner ready for the next few days and don't have to cook.

This is what I made in the crock pot

And then I made some of these,

straight from Martha Stewart...Cherry Oatmeal Cookies!
And this is how they turned out...yummy!

Although, this is my favorite part! licking off the beaters...salmonella? where?
I hope you all had a wonderful rainy and snowy saturday!


The Mounts' said...

Ahh the fun of staying inside right??? Love all the picks and love reading about your adventures...INSIDE!!! Xo- Dem

crunchy peas said...

my kids think I'm the meanest because I never let the lick the cookie dough beaters :) paranoia is my specialty.