Sunday, May 4, 2008


Not too much to share for this week. Just a few highlights from this weekend.

First, we did some running around with the dogs at home...

Then, Bree played "dress up" with Kona. She LOVES this game and Kona just sits there...too funny.

Yes, that is a washcloth and a coaster, but hey, it's "dress up" right?

Then, let's see, oh, we played "hair-do". Bree usually does my hair, but this time she wanted her hair done...she just kept on handing me those barrets, and I just kept putting them in...cute eh?

Then we headed up to some friends house in Tacoma where Bree and Logan (the son of a fellow blogger, and possibly Bree's future husband, or at least boyfriend, hee hee!) played baseball 2 feet infront of the big TV. It's okay, we learned that Logan swings the bat in slow motion...haven't you seen the movie "Sandlot"? They were so cute, it looks like Bree is just in "awe" of him in the picutre.

After baseball, they got full rein of all the toys at the house. And boy did they take avantage of that! Just ask my friend Suz!

Oh, and Bree only had about 42 chips that wonder she didn't want a hot dog?

And my favorite part of the entire weekend...Bree picked tulips from the front yard for me...all by herself! Okay, maybe Brian helped her a little...but it was still cute!

So, another week has passed, and I am so not ready to start another Monday! How about you?


Our family said...

HA HA HA... On the way home Logan kept saying, "Where's my girlfriend?" Too funny... and what a cheeseball..

Heidi said...

Pretty tulips! And I love your new if I could just figure out how to do that? Love the pic of bree at the top! She's just such a big girl now:)