Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Day

It has been so hot out lately as you all know, so the McGovern's set out for a fun family day of hiking and wading...well, sort of, in the lake.

We decided to take a hike on a new trail that was recommended to me by a co-worker. It is right out of our backyard practically. For those of you that know where the Evergreen State College is, this is where the trail starts.

(Please excuse the wonderful grafiti that has been plastered all over this sign)

We had the intention of taking this "little" hike (which ended up being 2 miles each way), all the way down to the water...not even thinking of when the tide would be out. But Bree was determined to get to the water!

The dogs loved being able to just run around, in and out, up and down the trails without a leash on...but they didn't like it so much when we got down to the water and realized...uh oh, the tide is out and there is too much mud to let the dogs run around. So, we turned ourselves around and headed back to the car. It was fun taking Bree for the hike though...she did need a little "pick me up" on the way back to the car...

So, we decided run teh dogs home and take Bree down to Black Lake. Now, mind you she hasn't been in the water before, except for the bathtub, so we were pretty much chancing it on whether or not she would like to swim.

The lake was absolutely perfect!

Except, this was about as far as Bree would let Daddy take her in the water without screaming!

Instead, she would rather spend her time going down the slide

Oh well, whatever floats your boat, right? Oh ya, Bree starts swim lessons on Monday! Wish me luck!


The Emery Family said...

the lake looks so pretty..i want to jump in there right now:) bre will do great in swim lessions..cant wait to hear all about it! love you

Heidi said...

Hey...your blog list is gone again. what's up??

The Jernigan Family said...

That looks like a fun family outing! We have been wanting to take Sage swimming but we can't find swim diapers small enough. At 6 1/2 months she is still in size 1 diapers. lol

Alicia said...

I'm hoping Mateo will continue to like the water...but if I could just get him to like his bath! He screams his little head off! Bree looked like she was having a blast on her nature walk :)