Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I know, I have been lagging on the blog world...even my mom has been after me..."When are you gonna update your blog? Everyone else updates theirs all the time" all I hear from her...and yes, I have brought her into the blog world...she reads everyones blogs...just won't make one of her own.

So, lets' see...anything exciting happening lately in the McGovern household?

We did go to a wedding this past weekend. Well, I went with my mom and Step-dad, Bree and Brian stayed home. It was for my "Step-cousin", Sarah. She met her new husband on! The wedding was at the Tacoma Glass was so pretty! They had a private ceremony then a big reception. I had such a blast at the reception! I had the chance to hang out with my step-sister Jenni (lives in Oregon), my step-brother Mike, and my other step-brother Steven and his "boo" (boyfriend) Chris, they have been living in LA for the past couple of years and recently moved back up here to Seattle. Chris is a mighty good dancer I must say! Here are a few pics from that night.

Me and my mom all "snazzed" up and ready for reception

L to R: Zac (Jeni's husband), Jeni, Mike, me, Chris, and Steven

Me and Jeni

Chris and my step-bro, Steven

Me and my boys

Steven and Jeni with their sparklers getting ready to "send off" the bride and groom for the night

and the beautiful bride Sarah

Another almost daily event around here lately has been the park. I swear Breanna is obsessed with the park. I have to admit, it is pretty fun watching her climb up and down the slide, doing all these things there that she couldn't do by herself only 6 months ago. She asks to go "to the slide" from the minute I pick her up from the daycare until the minute we go to bed every night! So , I try to take her at least 4 times a week, the park is only about 2 miles from our house. Here are a few pics of her at the park from last weekend.

And finally, Granny with her girls...Bree and Brooklyn (Jeni's daughter, 17 months old)

I promise to be better about keeping in touch...promise!


The Mounts' said...

Seriously....I have missed that cute little face (bree's silly)!