Monday, October 6, 2008


I wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who helped me celebrate my 30th birthday with me on Saturday! Those of you who left early (ehem, Suz and Scott...Corrine and Jeremy, well, I guess Corrine had a good reason...Dem and Joel) missed out! We had a great night after El Sarape...we went to Charlie's...WOO HOO! No really, we actually had a great time...Heidi, Andrea, and I danced the night away, while Brian and John stood and watched. Here are a few pics from dinner. check out Heidi's blog soon for our dancing pics! I forgot to take my camera into Charlie's.

And here is a picture of the gag gifts I got from Ang and Andrea

On Sunday, Brian and I went up to my mom's house in Federal Way to pick up Bree and to have a birthday dinner and cake.

It was a great birthday, and thanks again to everyone who made me feel like I was 29 all over again! Love you all!


Heidi said...

boy, you have some hot friends:) I'm glad you had a great time, me too. Dancin pics coming soon!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th, I was thinking about you last week while I was out to dinner with my parents. Both of their B-Days are on the 3rd also. Looked like you all had a great time and what sexy mama's you all are! Brie is too cute and is getting so big. I was still thinking of her as just a baby! Time sure flies after you have kids!
Take care, Brandie