Saturday, December 27, 2008

Santa came!

Our Christmas was much more eventful THIS year I'd have to say. Last year, right after Christmas Eve dinner, I got the flu! I was sick for about 3 days, then Brian got it. I mean, the REAL flu! It was horrible! I actually had to have Brian bring me his stocking and bag of stocking stuffers to the couch just so I could fill his stocking...I couldn't even get off the couch...unless it was to run to the bathroom! Breanna was not interested in presents at took 2 days just to get her presents open...not that there were a ton, she was just not interested!

But THIS year...much different! No one got sick...and Bree couldn't get enough of the presents! She opened ALL of them BY HERSELF! It was so great to see her eyes light up each time she opened something. When I was growing up, my parents had a tradition where the "unwrapped" presents were the ones that Santa brought (because you know, he is super busy and doesn't have time to wrap his gifts for ALL the children). Then the "wrapped" gifts were from Mommy & Daddy (or Kona and Tucker, our labs). So, I have decided to follow in that same tradition.

This year, Bree's BIG gift was a Disney Princess bike! It was placed gently under the Christmas Tree with a big red bow and all! Brian and I were so excited to have her see it Christmas morning! I didn't catch her expression on my digital camera
(which is where I have made the other videos you have seen in other posts), but Brian did catch it on our real video camera.

Anyway, I wanted to share some of your Chrismtas picutres with you all. I hope you ALL had a very Merry Christmas and you all have a Happy New Year!

My mom and Dave came over Christmas Eve for pizza and presents.

Later that night...looks like Santa came! Bree is gonna be so excited!

This was right after she woke up Christmas morning...grumpy, just like her mom.

Getting into her stocking

Lookin' pretty snazzy I have to say

And that's a wrap...oh my!


The Mounts' said...

We have the same tradition at our house!!! Santa always leaves the presents unwrapped...

Kristen said...

She looks so cute on her big girl bike! I bet you guys had so much fun!

Heidi said...

Wow! Soo many presents! How fun:) Love her jammies by the way!

Alicia said...

I always wanted a medical kit when I was a little girl. She was just loving Christmas this year. She sure wasn't short of presents! I bet she's still having hayday with all of them. Miss ya Vanilli