Thursday, February 5, 2009


Well, we made it...another year down. Bree turned 3 years old yesterday! We spent the last 6 days with my dad here from Tahoe, it was so much fun! Bree sure loves her "Papa-D". For her birthday party we tooka bunch of kids to Charlie's Safari Fun house. I am pretty sure all the kids had a blast...and I am pretty sure the parents were all exhausted form chasing their kids around...(thanks for your patience guys!) Bree was so tired, she fell asleep within 30 seconds of getting in the car. For some reason, the pictures that I took at the birthday party are not on my camera, so I will post those pics when my dad emails the pictures he took with his camera. Then, on her REAL birthday (yesterday, the 4th), we met Ang and Mackenzie at Chuck E Cheese. They had a lot of fun there too! THEN, if that wasn't enough already, we took Bree to Red Robin for her birthday dinner. I wasn't too sure if she would like the whole "Red Robin Birthday Song" or not, but she was quite the trooper. She just stood there in awe as they handed her balloons and an ice cream sundae and let them sing to her. Here is a little video of that...


The Emery Family said...

so cute:) i love the video..she is such a big girl now:) i cannot believe she is 3 already! feels like you where just drinking that nasty drink to get her!

sam said...

She is getting so big now!
I just figures out how to comment on here. I love all the pictures. I don't know how you decide which ones to use they are all so damn good.
Love ya