Tuesday, July 6, 2010

California here we are!

Well, i must bring you all up to date. Most of you know, but for those that don't...the McGovern family has recently moved to sunny California! Brian got a job offer that we could not turn down at the mineral power plant here, and because his ENTIRE family also lives in the same city...we felt it was time. Time to uproot the Washingtonians and become Calfornians.

But, let me tell you...the past few months have been the busiest ever in my life! All in a matter of 3 months, I have: found out we were moving, took care of a 4-year-old, 2 dogs, and a house, by myself while Brian had to leave for CA to start his new job...while being 8 months pregnant mind you, AND still working 40+ hours a week. I have also: gave birth to my second daughter, packed up an entire house (okay, my mom and step-dad did most of it), continued to look after the 4-year-old, and now a newborn at the same time...Brian still in CA. Yes, I am SUPER MOM, hee hee.

So, after a lllooonnngggg 3 day car ride with my mom, Breanna and Colbi, we finally made it to Ridgecrest, California. For those of you that don't know where the H-E-double hockey sticks Ridgecrest is (which I am guessing is most of the planet), it is smack dab in the desert! We are really close to Death if you can guess the average temperature here, it is about 99 every day. I have not worn a pair of socks since I arrived here, nor a jacket, let alone a sweatshirt! not even at night!! I now thank God for AC!

Am I working? No, I get to be a SAHM (stay at home mom). We have a community pool in our neighborhood that is open from 8am-11pm every day, so we spend a lot of time there. Colbi has not been in the water yet, she is now 10 weeks old (wow, time is flying!) Breanna would not step off of the steps in the pool when we first got here, but all a matter of 3 weeks, she is now jumping off the edge into mine or Brian's arms, and then swims to the steps on her own (with a life jacket of course).

One thing I do miss, of course besides my Mom (we just did a web cam chat last night, so cool!), and Heidi, is TARGET! All we have here is Walmart and K-Mart. Those are the only "big" stores. This town consists of 28,000 people, so it's not REAL small, but it's definitely not Olympia. If we could just bring the town of Olympia to this weather, all in life would be swell. Actually, we would have to bring my Mom and Heidi too.

Anyway, I have been waiting to download these pictures to share our new life with all of you, but we just got our internet hooked up yesterday. Enjoy!

I look horrible, no shower yet

Papa-D and Grammy-J in Gardnerville

Bree and her Papa-D

We stayed at my dad and step-moms house in Gardnerville on the way to Ridgecrest

Taking a night walk around the neighborhood

This is our community pool

And the clubhouse

I miss you all.
Stay tuned for more posts and pics.


Alicia said...

Vanilli- you are a super mom! I'm so excited for your new Cali life. It looks like you've already adjusted like a champ. Can't wait to hook up soon!

Anonymous said...

I think you deserve the "Mom of the Year" award!! I can't believe you have done all of that over the last 3 months!! It must be so nice to finally all be in California together. I am glad you all made it there safe and that you are enjoying the weather and the pool.

Heidi said...

so glad to see you are all hooked up to the internet...can't wait to skype!! I miss you guys so much! looks like you're adjusting well...and i have to say I am a bit jealous of your weather! Considering I was bundled up in jeans and sweatshirt...and 2 blankets on the 4th of july!! keep us more pics...wna see your house!

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ชื่อที่แสดง said...

vanilli- you are a super mom! I'm so excited for your new Cali life. It looks like you've already adjusted like a champ. Can't wait to hook up soon!


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