Friday, April 25, 2008

hair and eyes?

So I just have to share with all of you girls...I have FINALLY found the absolutely positively BEST mascara there is! I tried to take a picture of my eye with it on, but as you can see I am not the greatest on self-portraits. I think I actually took a dozen pictures of my eye in the bathroom, and I decided I better settle on one I had taken already before I go blind by the flash.

The trick to this is you must curl your eyelashes BEFORE and AFTER you put the mascara on, some of you may say this is old news, but I have just learned this trick. I used to just curl them BEFORE, but it makes such a difference if you curl them AFTER as well.

This is the mascara...

2nd new haircut!

I actually have had this hair "cut" since January, but the bangs are new. I haven't had bangs since I think the 8th grade! They are so hard to get used to. It took me a long time this morning to do them...I forgot how! Hopefully it looks okay? What do you all think?


The Mounts' said...

you are so funny....I have always done my eyelashes like is kinda like putting hairspary on your hair and then curling it (it seems to stick pretty good) Love the hair and I just ight have to check out that mascara ( I am kinda picky on my mascara) XOXO

Heidi said...

So where did you find this fabulous mascara?? Let me guess...Target..your second home!! hehe:) Love the new do!!

Our family said...

You know.. I do love bangs! Too cute.. and I guess I'm a dork.. cause I don't ever curl my eyelashes.. before or after mascara... HA!