Saturday, April 12, 2008

is spring REALLY here?

Can you believe the weather today? We spent as much time as we could outdoors, just incase the forecast is correct for tomorrow (rain). Here are a few pics of what we did...

first, it was granny's b-day, so we met her for breakfast and had "cake-cakes" (pancakes)

Then we came home and picked up dad to go play on the very busy playground at Preist Point Park.

Swang on the swings

Took a hike down the trail to the beach

hiked up the hill with dad

Dad taught Bree how to write her name in the sand

Okay, well maybe we wrote it for her.

and the funnest part was, getting to eat mac n' cheese at the picnic table outside!

Hope you all took advantage of the warm weather today like we did!


MOM said...

What a wonderful B-day it was! Thanks so much Bree and Erin!