Friday, March 6, 2009

The things they say...

I have no picture to go along with this post...just wanted to share a funny thing with you all. Last night, the three of us went to dinner at Applebee's. Brian had gotten up to use the bathroom. On his way back, and still about 10 feet from our table, Breanna stood up in her chair and yelled (literally, YELLED)..."Daddy, did you go POOP?" I had to laugh, it was so unexpected! Then as she sees me laughing my head off, with tears running down my cheeks, she decides it was pretty funny too...and so did the table next to us, and the table next to them. Ahhh, the things they say.


Alicia said...

That's hilarious! Well Mateo isn't talking yet but the other night he farted so loud in the bath that it made bubbles and he thought that was the funniest thing ever!