Sunday, March 8, 2009

Way too fast

Remember last week when I posted about Bree's new "big girl bed"? Well, we made another "big girl" step again this weekend. She got a big girl haircut. She has had 5 regular haircuts already, but this one was with an actual "big girl style". Brian has been asking me to get her haircut shorter for a long time, but I always told him I wanted to keep her hair long. So off we went to the beauty salon, "Jack and Jills". It's a special salon just for kids. It's a really cute place. They have TV's mounted on the wall next to each station, a basket full of dum dum suckers, chocolate flavored shampoo, and they have 5 different kinds of chairs to sit airplane, a tractor, a barbie jeep, a horse saddle, and a bike. Breanna always chooses either the tractor or the Barbie jeep. I decided to get her haircut different this time. I thought she needed that "big girl haircut". It turned out so cute! I just love it! Since then, it's all Bree can talk about too. Here are some pictures of her new haircut.


The Emery Family said...

i love her new big girl hair too! so cute:) she isnt a baby did that happen so fast..gees! too cute

Heidi said... cute! I love her new do! She looks even more like her mommy now:)

The Cole's said...

Brian was showing us some pics of her on Saturday.. I can't believe how grown up she looks! LOVE IT! So cute.

The Mounts' said...

Oh my gosh when i first started reading it I was like NOOOOOOOO not a "big girl haircut"...but then I saw it and oh my gosh I am in love with it!!! It looks so great erin. By the last picture I can tell she is feeling a little sassy...hahahaha

The Pawlak's said...

LOVE the new hair cut! She looks so cute! She must feel like such a big girl fun!