Thursday, July 23, 2009

splash park

With all of this hot hot weather we have been having, we have had a hard time finding an outdoor water park that Bree could play at. Until last Friday, when a co-worker of mine, who has a 2-year-old grandson, told me about a "splash park" in Chehalis. It is at their community center right off the freeway. It was great! The splash park is free and the pool is only $3 per person. Bree "splashed" in the park for a while, then all three of us jumped in the pool. Bree has only done swim lessons once (last summer), so we weren't real sure on how she would do in the pool. She LOVED it! After only about 20 minutes, she was jumping off the edge into our arms. I didn't get any pics of her in the pool, but here are some from the splash park. I think we are headed there again this weekend.


Alicia said...

That place looks fun and the lakefair pics are priceless!