Saturday, December 19, 2009

2 posts in 1

POST #1: I have been meaning to post some recent pictures/events, but as you all know, this time of year is so dang busy! So, you get to read 2 posts for the price of 1 today! How lucky ae you?

The first one is of the 3 of us (well, really 4 of us, but you can't quite yet SEE the 4th one...uh, anyway)...getting our Christmas tree lat weekend. Breanna was really excited to pick out the tree this year. She ran this way and that, begging to carry the saw, and finally LAYING on the ground with her daddy to cut it down. Here are some pictures from that.

After we got the tree home, it was time to decorate! We let Bree decorate the tree however she wanted...until she went to bed, then I rearranged most of the ornaments...LOL

POST #2: Today was Bree's Christmas party and "concert" at the daycare. Brian and I went to the daycare this afternoon to watch the kiddos perform their 3 Christmas songs they have been practicing the past few weeks. They actually ALL sang, ALL together, and they ALL knew ALL the words! After they sang their songs, Gloria, the daycare/preschool teacher handed out gifts she had bought each of the kids. She has done this the past 4 years we have been there! She gets it right every time...she knows these kids so well and knows just what they want! You should have seen the look on Bree's face when she opened hers...she was sooo excited! AFter they all opened a present from Gloria, they each exchanged a present between all the kids (they had all drawn names a few weeks ago). Here are some pictures of their singing and present time.

Bree all ready to go to her party! (in her "beautiful dress")

Stay tuned because today is her ballet Christmas performance! Also, cookie making day with Bree, mommy, granny, and great-granny...


The Jernigan Family said...

Very very cute, looks like lots of fun!

Alicia said...

How cute! She is getting bigger by the second!

Anonymous said...

This code family, but already pretty accepted my friendship and I visit regularly