Sunday, December 6, 2009

Santa's visit

This was Breanna's first year sitting n Santa's lap. I know this is her 4th Christmas, but I was not about to spend the $20 for a crying girl in a picture these past 3 years. This year, it's all she could talk about. The Olympia Flight Museum in Tumwater had a "Santa arrival" today, where he actually arrived in a helicopter (or as Bree calls it, a "kele-hopter"). Once he arrived, he handed out candy canes to all the little girls and boys. Then we went inside (thankfully, because it was only about 35 degrees outside!), and stood in line to take pictures with Santa. I told Bree that when Santa asks her what she wants for Christmas, she needs to be sure to speak up, otherwise he won't be able to hear her. I'm not sure if she actually told him you can tell by the picture where she has her finger in her mouth (shyness). But, she told Brian and I that she did tell him. She is wanting everything that she sees on TV "Ooo mommy, want that on my Christmas list." Her list is so long now, that I have started telling her she needs to put it on her Birthday list, consdiering her birthday isn't even 2 months after Christmas! She wants this doll called a "Woopsie-Do", it actually comes with food to feed it and you put DISPOSABLE diapers on it, and it says, "Woopsie-do, I made a stinky"...oh, boy, what will they come up with next?? Anyway, enjoy the pictures of Breannas first encounter with Santa.

Breanna waiting for Santa's helicopter to arrive

Santa and Mrs. Claus arriving in the their helicopter

Getting her candy cane from Santa

Breanna and Santa


The Jernigan Family said...

How cool! I wish I knew about that....we always take Sage to Cabelas to see Santa and it is free..he will be there next weekend starting at 2:30 I think. My cousin had one of those dolls we called Itsy really want to buy one for Sage to help her with potty training, but Jeramy won't let me. Maybe Santa will bring one for her...I am glad to know that they still should be good practice for when the baby gets here, she will be able to change a diaper like a pro!